What is Durabase?

Durabase is a modular steel base extension system, initially used for conservatories. These steel bases are the ideal solution for anyone looking to expand their property with minimal hassle.

Break away from traditional building methods with our robust and easily applied conservatory bases. Durabase helps to speed up the installation of foundations of a conservatory as there is no need to dig so far down. This not only speeds up installation but reduces waste as well as the mess on site.

These conservatory bases can be fitted in a single day, with little impact on your schedule. Improve your Fareham home today.



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Why is Durabase Better Than Traditional Conservatory Bases?

It is by far quicker, more straightforward, cleaner and more affordable than conventional building techniques. Each Durabase is covered by a 25-year guarantee as well as being JHAI approved.

Wet systems take a longer build time – sometimes taking weeks – which significantly increases the price of any extension project. With our conservatory base, once the steel frame has been installed – real brick modular walls can be constructed in only a few hours!

Unlike traditional systems, it is far easier to install in your Fareham home. It is entirely possible for you to be able to do much of the work yourself, reducing the need for more builders being involved. Better yet, there is less waste, meaning you won’t have to clean up or worry about the number of materials that will need disposing of.

It is also a cost-effective solution with a 25-year guarantee. Contact Novaseal today for more information.

Benefits of a Modular Building

Homeowners in Fareham can benefit from this unique design. There is no need for forklifts, diggers or even a skip. This means that there is less waste to have to try and manage. This is also a cheaper alternative to that of traditional foundation methods.

The installation is incredibly straight forward. There is no need for a specialist bricklayer. The modular walls are built before they are even delivered to the site.

Builders will also benefit from the Durabase conservatory base. This is because it speeds up installation time significantly. In turn, this will reduce the need for more workforce on site. Builders will be able to take on more projects when they invest in this fantastic conservatory base.

Get in contact with Novaseal today to discuss Durabase conservatory bases.

Benefits of Durabase


Quick and Easy Installation

Durabase comes in a kit form. This will include flooring and underfloor insulation. A quick and easy assembly is all that is required. Uneven sites, difficult access as well as sites that unfortunately slope are easily tackled with the installation of Durabase. These can even be fitted within a single day!


A Cleaner Solution

One of the many issues that come with having a conservatory installed is the mess — having to dig deep into the Earth for large scale excavations to fit foundations effectively. With Durabase you will be reducing the need to dispose of soil and eliminate the disruption that comes with setting conservatory bases and foundations.


Cost-Effective Solution

If you’re working to a budget, Durabase is a cheaper alternative to regular foundation installations. Less manpower is required meaning that there is no need for large teams to work on it. Even you as a homeowner can work on it alone. It is that easy. There will also be no need for you to have to relocate manholes or drains which is an incredibly expensive task to undertake.


Impressive Features

Durabase as U-values as low as 0.22W/m2k and 0.18W/m2k. This means that not only is this conservatory foundation quick and easy to install, it also has great thermal performance for keeping you warm.

Our Durabase products come with a 25-year guarantee. This leaves you with peace of mind knowing you’re investing in a valuable commodity that will serve as your conservatory base for many years to come.


Beautiful Style

As all Durabase conservatory bases are made from a real brick modular wall, you can make your new glass extension installation look stunning and bespoke. What’s even better, the modular wall is bricked and mortared before they even reach your home. Choose a precision fit conservatory base today.

Durabase Prices

If you would like more information about our fast and efficient conservatory bases and foundation or you would like to get a quote, get in contact today. You can leave us a message via our online contact form, give us a call at 0132 9233 500 or send us an email at sales@novaseal.co.uk.

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