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Our canopies can be used to meet the specifications of almost any commercial or residential project in Fareham. Structurally strong and easy to assemble, ever entry in our canopy range is perfectly offset by a clean and eye-catching design.

Create a sheltered area to host late-night dinner parties or cover a play area or build a protective platform above a cash machine or air vent – our canopies are suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

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Types & Styles

Find the right product for your commercial or residential project by exploring our extensive portfolio. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact the Novaseal team by calling 01329 233500.

You can depend on the Alacante to provide long-term value. This canopy uses galvanized steel supports for structural integrity and features a curved design, which is complemented by a front anodised gutter and hidden gasket. It’s available in two sizes – 1500 x 918mm and 2050 x 918mm projection – and can be used above smoking areas, air vents, post boxes and for many other applications.

The Dosello is held in place by strong aluminium brackets and is both sleek and modern in performance. It features 3mm acrylic glazing and can be installed above a door, outside smoking area and to fulfil a range of other domestic or business scenarios.

The Miento is as long-lasting as any entry in our canopies range. It is secured by way of black plastic brackets and features 3mm acrylic glazing. It is used by homeowners as a protective covering above windows, doors and patios.

This contemporary entry in our canopies range is characterised by curved plastic arms finished in black. The Tornillo is 1200 wide with a projection of 1000 and includes 3mm polycarbonate glazing.

Almost identical to the previous entry in our portfolio, this version of the Tornillo will add a touch of modern style to any home because of its aluminium finish and stylishly arranged plastic arms.

The Vista 2 is ideal for homeowners who want a choice of styles. Forming part of a range of products, this canopy is available with an aluminium or black finish and includes modern-looking plastic arms. Its curved style means that it will stand out, no matter where it’s installed.

Almost identical in appearance to the Vista 2, this is one of larger canopies. The Vista 4 is 4800 wide x 1000 projection. Contrastingly, the Vista 2 is 3600 x 1000.

Unlike our other canopies, the Sunguard has been designed with the DIY market in mind. It is extremely easy to assemble and fit, which means its ideal for homeowners who want to buy their product on a supply only basis

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For further information about our range of residential and commercial canopies in Fareham, call the Novaseal team on 01329 233500. You can also email us with any questions.

If you’re looking at canopies as part of a bigger project, use our design tool to generate quotes for almost all of our products or enquire when calling.

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