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The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is Easy To Install

Homeowners living in Fareham or any of the surrounding areas will appreciate how quickly the Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be installed. The system is pre-assembled off-site and installed using a precision fitting process that speeds up the time our team spend working.

Once installed, the benefits of the skylight will be obvious. The sheer amount of glass used in its construction – coupled with its eye-catching frameless design – means that we can create a room that’s filled with light all year round. Find out more by calling our team today.

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Manufactured by Our Market-Leading Partner

We researched the market to find a company that would deliver a product of the highest quality for our Fareham customers. Novaseal decided to work with Ultraframe, based on its range of roof systems, which each deliver incredible levels of performance across all criteria.

What makes the Ultrasky Flat Skylight so outstanding? The insulated frame technology – and noise reducing glass – included as standard will ensure the space below it is comfortable and quiet. Homeowners will be able to enjoy lower U-values, while relaxing in a peaceful environment.

ultrasky Flat skylight Fareham

The Benefits of an Ultrasky Flat Skylight

If you’re planning a new orangery or house extension in Fareham, but want to know more about the advantages of the Ultraframe rooflight, keep reading.

Keeping their home comfortable throughout the year, while at the same time reducing their energy costs, is probably high on most Fareham customers’ agendas. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Ultrasky Flat Skylight is capable of producing an overall U-value of 1.2.

The slim aluminium works wonderfully with the frameless glass in the Ultrasky Flat Skylight to deliver a product that is aesthetically in a class of its own. Aluminum is stronger than most other materials, so the roof will be extremely durable.

If your Fareham home is located in a busy area – near an intersection, for example, or facing onto a road – then it’s important to block out as much sound as possible. The Ultrasky Flat Skylight can reduce noise levels by as much as 34dB to keep your room quiet.

You are probably keen to complete your installation quickly. The Ultrasky Flat Skylight will be prefabricated prior to delivery to site. This cuts down on the duration of the project for your Fareham home and reduces impact on daily routines and work schedules.

Modify the appearance and performance of the Ultrasky Flat Skylight to suit almost any design requirement. Choose from a range of colours, hardware, glass options and much more. Explore different ideas by using our free online quoting engine today.

The frameless glass used in your extension or orangery roof will create outstanding views of the outside, even when it’s too cold to be outdoors. It will also add an eye-catching contemporary feature to the design that’ll improve the market appeal of your Fareham home.


Ultrasky Flat Skylight

Choose a roof that outperforms its nearest competitors. Enjoy an orangery or house extension that feels connected to the outside, even when the doors and windows are closed during the colder autumn and winter seasons.

Novaseal has experience of working with homeowners in Southampton, Portsmouth and the nearby areas. We will work with you to modify the appearance and performance of your Ultrasky Flat Skylight, so that it meets your needs.

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