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The Benefits of Installing a Carport

A newly installed carport brings with it a range of welcome rewards for your Fareham home. The creation of a sheltered area protects a vehicle from falling debris and will reduce the amount of ice that normally forms on it during colder weather.

By adding a carport, a homeowner will be able to keep their car sheltered without having to open a heavy garage door and will, more generally, be able to improve the market appeal of their home when the time comes to sell.

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Types & Styles

Explore our portfolio of carports to find a design that’s right for your commercial or residential project in Fareham.

Pad protectors can be provided for our carport range and measure 81 x 81 x 1000mm, although bespoke sizes are available too. Customers can choose from a range of colours including, but not limited to, fluorescent orange, light blue and dark green. These brightly coloured items can be installed almost anywhere to soften bumps – including schools and nurseries.

The Arco 5000 is characterised by a contemporary curved design and can be installed quickly, easily and with a crew of just two people. It can function as a carport, smoking area or boat port, and its size can be customised to suit the needs of any project – whether commercial or residential. It even features UV polycarbonate panels that help reduce solar penetration.

Featuring a sturdy but attractive aluminium frame, the Aztec be used to store a broad range of vehicles – including cars, boats, trailers and even farm equipment. The Aztec requires no maintenance, is wind resistant and features partly opaque roof panels to let in light. This carport is easy to install and does not require any foundation fixing.

Enjoy the benefits of a contemporary-looking design that can be customised to suit its surroundings. Homeowners can tailor the appearance of this stunning entry in our carport portfolio with a black, silver or bronze aluminium frame that includes solid polycarbonate glazing of 2mm. The Aztec only requires legs on one side, which means it will make a visual impact.

The KDS canopy features a bronze aluminium frame with overarching curved that’s glazed. It is 5100mm in length and projects 2700mm.

This entry in our portfolio is modern in appearance. Its flat canopy roof looks stylish and is made from aluminium. Choose bronze or silver to complete your design, which will be 5100mm long with a 2700mm projection.

The RSC is suitable for commercial buildings and is expansive. Its scale is perfectly offset by an aluminium frame that can be individualised by choosing a silver or bronze finish. The design is 5000mm in length with a 2700mm projection.

Unique, in that it doesn’t require supporting legs to stand, the Portada can be installed in places other carports cannot. Its aluminium frame is overlooked by an opaque cantilevered canopy; it spans 4800mm, and its projection is 2600mm.

Carport Prices Fareham

To find out more about our range of long-lasting carports in Fareham, please call our experienced team on 01329 233500 or send us a message.

Depending on the product you choose, yours could be installed in hours. And, with so many choices available, you’re bound to find one that’s right.

If your carport is to form part of a wider project, use our design tool to generate prices for our doors, windows and conservatories.

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