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Conservatory Roofs Portsmouth

Expand your house in style with a bespoke conservatory roof in Portsmouth. We offer a huge variety of conservatory roofs that are guaranteed to fit in any build. Our glass conservatory roofs improve light within your property, while we also provide tiled conservatory roofs for increased privacy and protection.

Our suppliers, Ultraframe, are experts in the field. They are incredibly reliable manufacturers who deliver quality with every feature. We only use the best materials on the market which excel in performance and style. Our Portsmouth customers can add value to their homes with our conservatory roofs.


Ultrasky Flat Skylight

Invite brightness into your home and create the illusion of space with our Ultrasky Flat Skylights. For those looking for privacy but still have the advantage of bright, open space, look no further. The double-glazed windows ensure minimal noise will enter your Portsmouth home.

Additionally, this design is frameless, meaning you get more visual with a more contemporary design. Keep out the cold with the slim aluminium frame around the perimeter. This will, in turn, keep energy bills low as your house will stay warm for longer. We offer colour and hardware options for your choosing.

Ultrasky Roof

The Ultrasky roof is perfect for heightening your space. This conservatory roof utilises every inch of light for your extension. We use fewer bars on these fittings than is regularly used on the market, which doesn’t compromise on strength. That’s because the aluminium we use to hold up the roof is exceptionally robust.

We offer the Stormshield protection system, which can withstand great force and unpredictable weather. You can rely on the Ultrasky conservatory roof for a comfortable home that’s free from wet weather and cold.

Ultrasky Lantern

A sophisticated addition to your conservatory roof in Portsmouth, the Ultrasky lanterns outperforms similar features on the market today. Stay warm throughout the year with the thermal breaks and isolating top cap clip. These innovations make your room for heat efficient. This will reduce your carbon footprint as your heating bills are kept low.

The modern lantern design uses incredible double-glazed windows to retain heat and keeps the cold out. Choose from our range of designs of doors to add to your extension to match the Ultrasky lantern conservatory roof.


Ultraroofs are both the lightest and most durable. With the construction, the roof places very little pressure on the frames and foundations. This makes it incredibly durable therefore, an investment that’s worthwhile. Ultraroofs are ideal for privacy, as they can completely obscure the top of your conservatory.

However, add some light into your space with a choice to add double glazed windows. This gives the benefit of a lighter conservatory while retaining the privacy of a solid roof. The Ultraroof beam is compatible with any conservatory style.


The Livinroof combines the features of solid and glass conservatory roofs. While grey panels come as standard, they can be replaced with glass. This gives you a free choice when it comes to designing your dream extension.

The transom bar that runs through your conservatory roof is incredibly insulating and improves the design of your feature. The excellent insulation of the beam will keep your house warmer for longer. We have rigorously tested each one of our roofs for safety and sturdiness. With leading materials and performance, we can provide the best.


Classic Roof

An elegant classic conservatory roof will improve the style of your home in Portsmouth. Timeless in its design, this fits a variety of conservatories and extensions. Take confidence in the fact that your classic roof will keep the cold out. This is because the clever double-glazing works to trap pockets of air.

This then keeps the cold air away from your home and retains warmth. Tested against strong winds and rain, the sturdy feature provides excellent structural integrity. We tailor your classic conservatory roof to each Portsmouth customer, including a range of colours and finishes.

Why choose Novaseal?

We are proud of our two decades of experience, with excellent customer service. Our professional service gives you affordable solutions. When looking for a conservatory roof, look no further than Novaseal.

We strive to deliver the highest quality materials on the market for our valued Portsmouth customers. With a speciality in double glazing, we have a wealth of knowledge about home improvements.


Conservatory Roof Prices Southampton

We make all our conservatory roofs to measure. Our beautiful, bespoke designs are made unique to your home.

We offer a free quoting service so you can visualise your dream conservatory room. Just put in your preferred style and fill in your specifications, and we will give you a price.

Use our online contact form to ask us any questions you may have. We are happy to answer any queries for you.

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01329 233500. We welcome any questions, so speak to one of our dedicated team.

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