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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors From Smart

Here at Novaseal, we supply Smart aluminium bi-fold doors for trade customers throughout Southampton, Portsmouth and the surrounding South England towns. These slide folding doors are perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

They connect conservatories, extensions, orangeries for homeowners to their gardens, giving them a seamless transition from the inside to the outdoors. Commercially, our Smart aluminium bi-fold doors are ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses that want customers to enjoy fresh air in their establishment.

Smart is known for high-quality aluminium products that are sure to last for many years. Get in touch with us here at Novaseal for more information on our aluminium bi-folding door offerings.

smart aluminium bi-folding doors Southampton hampshire

Colour Options

Irish Oak


Agate Grey

Smooth Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Chartwell Green

Natural Oak

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Styles

Smart has several different types of bi-folding doors so you can choose the perfect solution for your building project. The styles we have are:

  • Visofold 1000 – A slim aluminium bi-fold door installation that is ideal for residential projects.
  • Visofold 2000 – Square edged profiles that emulate timber sections. These are manufactured with square-cut profiles and are great for commercial installations.
  • Visofold 3000 – Another fantastic addition to the aluminium bi-fold doors range for residential home improvements.
  • Visofold 4000 –This slide folding door has sashes which hang from the sliding mullion. Perfect for both residential and commercial projects – this installation is better for bigger apertures.
  • Visofold 6000 – Featuring slim sightlines, these sleek and stylish aluminium bi-folding doors add elegance to any residential or commercial project.


aluminium bifold doors trade southampton hampshire

Smart Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Benefits

Discover why we believe that the Smart system is one of the best aluminium bi-fold doors available on the market. If you would like, you can call our team for more advice on 01329 889 116.

An essential aspect of any building project is whether it will benefit the performance of the structure. That is why we take pride in supplying aluminium bi-fold doors that are sure to complement any building visually and practically.

These bi-fold doors are ideal for trapping heat with a home or business, reducing energy bills greatly. This way, your customers will be able to save money and reduce their carbon footprints.

Energy emissions are also lowered by the fact that our Smart bi-folding doors allow natural light to flood in illuminating the space. Therefore, there is less need for artificial lighting. We take pride in trying to protect the environment where we can.

Low U-values with amazing wind and water resistance as well as air permeability makes these the perfect solution for any extension project or restaurant redesign. These also feature a polyamide thermal break which serves to enhance the overall thermal efficiency as well as the U-values.

Contact us if you would like more information about how our aluminium bi-fold doors will benefit your current or future projects.

We as a company, don’t want there to be any concern about whether this installation is weatherproof. All profiles feature EPDM high-quality gaskets and weather brushes which help to keep the bad weather out.

Smart aluminium bi-fold doors ensure that no condensation will build up inside, eliminating the risk of mould build up.


Security is a major concern with all types of home improvement projects or building projects in general. We supply aluminium bi-fold doors that come with multi-point locking mechanisms as standard on all the main opening sashes. This is then enhanced with shoot-bolt locks on the floating mullions.

The locking mechanisms, combined with the strength of aluminium, gives for an incredibly secure design that is sure to protect any homeowner or business alike.


For commercial customers, it may be essential to consider installations that can be easily accessible to wheelchair users as well as other disabilities, mothers with prams and other people who need easier access to buildings.

Smart aluminium bi-fold doors can come with either low threshold options, or for better weather resistance there is also rebated thresholds. This can also be ideal for homeowners who would like easier access to their garden and outdoor space.

Smart Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices – Southampton, Portsmouth and South of England

We here at Novaseal are a family run business who is fully accredited. We are members of both the Certass and Which? Trusted Traders schemes so you know that we are a company that you can trust. Buy from us with confidence knowing great care and consideration goes into finding the best products available on the double glazing market.

If you would like more information, please use our online contact form to leave us a message. We also provide a simple and easy design tool which allows both homeowners and trade customers to get quotes on any of our products, including our Smart aluminium bi-fold doors as well as our other products.


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