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What Are Residence 9 Windows?

Residence 9 windows are designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber. These windows are beautifully crafted to give your home eye catching appearance with their flush exterior. Our Residence 9 windows also offer a stunning, stylish interior to fit your home aesthetic. If you are looking for a traditional and classic design with amazing modern benefits, this is the collection for you. Regardless, if you have a more modern or traditional home, these windows will bring excellent characteristics to your home.

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Advanced Thermal Efficiency

We understand that it is very important for your home to be thermally efficient, especially during the colder winter months. We want to ensure that your home is comfortable and cosy all year round. The Residence 9 windows offer unrivalled thermal performance, which will protect your home from the cold. 

Our windows have nine internal chambers, which help retain your home’s heat. These chambers trap the warm air and keep the cold air from entering your property. With nine chambers, this makes these windows one of the most thermally efficient windows on the market today. Also, the Residence 9 windows come with double glazing as standard, but you have the opportunity to upgrade this to triple glazing to provide optimal thermal comfort.

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Residence 9 Windows Features and Benefits


Here at Novaseal, we offer supply only and supply and install on our Residence Collection range. Residence 9 windows offer bespoke designs to ensure that they will be the perfect fit for your property. We have plenty of customisations that you can choose from to design the window of your dreams. We are sure we will fit something to suit your imagination.


We offer a wide range of colours on our Residence 9 windows, and this is so you will be able to choose the right colour for your home. We will have something for you, whether you would like a colour to stand out or to blend in. In our colour range, we also have woodgrain options. We offer woodgrain in a few colours to create the authentic timber look for your new windows.

Hardware and Accessories

On our Residence 9 windows, we have multiple hardware and accessory options. You can choose different hinges and handles to go on your new window. We offer working butt or dummy butt hinges, and both of these options provide authentic appeal. Also, you can personalise your new windows with our handle, and peg stays. All are designed to recreate the 19th Century look and compliment your windows.

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Residence Collection

Find out about the Residence Collection for your next project. Contact the Novaseal team on 01329 233500 to discuss the options available.

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High Performance Residence 9 Windows

Find out about the many advantages for your property when you choose Residence 9 windows from Novaseal.

Keeping your property protected from the elements is a priority, especially with the unpredictable UK weather. Your new Residence 9 windows will provide your home with protection from all weather conditions, including strong winds and torrential rainfall. 

We fit our windows with weatherproofing seals to ensure that your windows will be able to withstand the elements. These seals can prevent draughts and cold spots from entering your house. Also, they prevent excess water and dampness from coming inside. Knowing your property is safe from the weather will put your mind at ease.

The Residence 9 windows are designed to be low maintenance, and once they have been installed, you will not have to worry about them. With a 30-40 years lifespan, your new windows will provide you with amazing functionality during this time. Occasionally, you will need to wipe your windows with a damp cloth to keep them looking like new.

We understand that security is one of the most important features of a window, and therefore it is a top priority for us. For your new Residence 9 windows, we will ensure that they are as secure as possible. 

We fit multi-point locking systems on all of our Residence 9 windows to provide optimal security for your home all year round. Our locks are thoroughly tested against industry standards, so they meet all the latest requirements. Your home will be protected from unwanted visitors, and you will be able to relax all year round.

Residence 9 Window Prices

Enhance your home with the stunning Residence 9 windows. These windows are the perfect addition to your home with amazing eye catching looks without compromising any features. Replicating the classic timber look, you can have beautiful traditional windows with modern benefits. 

You can contact us through our online contact form to request a Residence 9 window quote. All you need to do is enter your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our trusted team by calling 01329 233500; we are happy to assist you with anything you need.


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