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Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Hampshire

aluminium bifold doors hampshire

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Hampshire

Professionally manufactured bi-fold Doors in Hampshire

We here at Novaseal make sure that we only work with the very best industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that all of our customers get bi-folding doors that meet their exact specifications and perfectly suit their homes throughout the Hampshire area.

We work exclusively with AluK as our partner for aluminium doors, a market-leading company in the design and manufacturing of aluminium doors, their stylish and efficient designs are the perfect choice if you want easily operated doors that look fantastic on your Hampshire property.

With customizable designs sure to complement any property they’re fitted on, if you want to get a bi-folding door for your property in Hampshire, simply give us a call on 01329 233500 or use our free online quotation tool to get immediate competitive quotes for your specific design. Simply input your dimensions and your desired colours and materials to create an installation that will benefit your home in both appearance and functionality. It has zero obligation to you to use, allowing you to use it as many times as you want until you are completely satisfied with the price.

aluminium bifold door prices hampshire

Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are a sleek and modern way of opening your home’s interior space outwards to merge with your garden or outside area. With a design that can stretch for the entire wall, bi-folding doors can be opened either outwards or inwards and are made of separate sections that can be folded back into a concertina shape for ease of access and maximizing the available space.

The large window sections of the doors, as well as their slim-line frames, allow for unimpeded views that maximise how much of your garden you can see even with the doors closed, as well as bringing in tonnes of natural light that really brightens up your property. With the doors open, you get maximum ventilation and creates the illusion of additional space, with your garden becoming an extension of the room.

Bi-folding doors can come in both aluminium and uPVC, allowing for you to customise and personalize your design so that it perfectly complements your property in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Aluminium Frames: What’s Best?

While uPVC is the more typical choice when getting double glazing products, it is not the only option. Aluminium is not only more sleek and minimalist in appearance, suiting both traditional and modern properties, whilst not compromising on insulation or security.

As aluminium is naturally occurring, unlike uPVC, they are very environmentally friendly and widely recyclable without the need for strong chemicals. The frames are light-weight and easily moulded, allowing for easy manufacturing and quick installation, whilst also being incredibly hard-wearing against both harsh weather conditions and potential intruders.

Aluminium frames don’t suffer from the discolouration or warping that uPVC may suffer from overtime, holding onto their colour and aesthetic appearance for years on end with very minimal upkeep.

smart aluminium bi-folding doors hampshire

Easily Customizable

Materials aren’t the only way of personalizing your bi-fold door design, as they are able to be designed down to your exact specifications, including colours and styles.

Depending on your available dimensions, bi-folding doors are available to be either one or two panels, around the size of your typical patio doors, or can stretch for the length of the wall. This allows for you to open up your entire wall, allowing you to maximize the use of your outdoor area and incorporate it into your interior design. All of our doors come with different available hardware, including the colour and materials of your door handles and even the colour of your hinges.

Additionally, you don’t have to settle for plain grey frames either, as aluminium can come in a range of different colours, including black, white, grey, red, green, yellow and can in fact be any RAL colour, the standard colour chart for home improvement products. Simply find the right RAL colour from an online chart and input it into our calculator, you will find that your doors can truly be any colour of the rainbow and more.

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Bi-Folding Door Prices, Hampshire

We supply high-quality, affordable and competitively priced doors to both homeowners and commercial customers, so, no matter what kind of project you are working on, you can be sure that the bi-folding doors that you have installed are perfectly suited to your property. All of your purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure quality.

Get in contact with us today to get answers to any pressing questions you may have about anything from our range of products to our installation services.

Alternatively, feel free to use our free online quotation tool to design your very own bespoke bi-folding doors from scratch. After inputting your specifications, you will get competitive quotes for your installation in a short period of time.

Your dream bi-folding doors are just a few clicks away!

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