Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows

When you are a homeowner, it is tough to work out what type of window is best for your home. There is a vast selection of windows on the market, like aluminium windows or uPVC windows, so it takes time to make the final decision. In this handy guide, we sum up the two options so you can make the right decision for your home. 


What Are Aluminium Windows?


Aluminium windows are known for their insulation, security and durability. The natural, robust nature of aluminium makes it incredibly easy for manufacturers to create home improvement products. They are versatile so they can be made in different styles and sizes. Depending on the supplier you work with, they can offer you a wide variety of options from which to choose. 


Aluminium Windows Benefits


Thermal Insulation


When paired with double or triple glazing, aluminium is an excellent insulator for heat. They can work well to prevent heat loss and let in cold draughts in the home. Homeowners could rely less on their heating or electric bills, as their new aluminium windows can do the hard work for them. 




Aluminium is a naturally robust material, so that it can withstand elements or forces more than other materials on the market. No harsh weather conditions can weaken their frames and let in water ingress into the home. When fitted with sure locking systems, they are a great protector against unwanted visitors. 


Slimline Frames


Aluminium windows are commonly offered with slimline frames, which means there is more glazing than frames on the window. This allows you to look out at your outdoor views without having anything in your way. 


What Are uPVC Windows?


uPVC windows are one of the most popular window styles across the nation. They are reliable and flexible, so they can be made in any window style and help the home’s performance. Some companies are offering to recycle old uPVC products and turn them back into new products, which is perfect for eco-conscious homeowners. At Novaseal, we provide a variety of uPVC windows for our customers to choose from. 


uPVC Windows Benefits


Timeless Pieces


A great benefit of uPVC windows is that they can seamlessly blend into the home’s current design. We offer a range of colours, accessories and foil options so you can design a window that matches your current style and aesthetics. Whether you own a modern or traditional property, our windows can complement your home considerably. 


Thermal And Sound Insulation


uPVC can be excellent, increasing your home’s thermal comfort. With our uPVC windows achieving low U-values, you should notice your home feeling naturally comfortable throughout the year once you have installed our windows. 

Additionally, their durable frames help limit outdoor sounds so you can relax comfortably without being distruped from the outside. This is great for property owners who are located in busy areas of the city. 


Weather Resistant


Another feature of uPVC windows is that they are weather-resistant. Their solid and robust frames help them adjust during weather conditions so they don’t warp or rot from rain or wind. This means you can enjoy stunning-looking uPVC windows for decades to come, and it makes them a worthwhile investment. 


Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows Conclusion


Both aluminium windows and uPVC windows have their benefits and can provide different features to their competitors. Depending on what supplier and installer you use, these may change depending on how they are designed and fitted, so it is always best to check the specifications. You may also have factors that you favour more than other features, which will mean you will find a window better than the other person. Therefore, it’s always best to choose what feels suitable for you. 


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