Bifold Door Installation Guide

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Our step by step guide for bifold door installation will ensure that your installation goes efficiently. Wherever your next project is, this guide will offer you the best insight to ensure that the bifold door installation goes smoothly. Before starting the installation process, make sure that you have gathered all the information you need, and this guide will help you further.

How Long Will The Installation Take?

Installation of a bifold door can vary depending on experience, space you are working in and how many people you have to help. Bifold door installations can be fitted in half a day, but this can vary, so give yourself up to a day for the full installation process.

Tools and Equipment

You need to make sure that you have the right tools and equipment to be able to complete your installation. We recommend you have:

  • Tape measure 
  • Drill 
  • Screwdriver
  • Protective equipment, including safety glasses
    bifold door installation

Step 1 – Preparation

The first step to completing the installation process is to make sure that all the measurements you have made are accurate and correct to the specific customer. It is also important to survey the existing space and where the bifold door will be going. This will ensure that the space will have nothing obstructing it, and the bifold doors will be able to fit in with no problems.

Once the bifold door has arrived, you will be able to double check the measurements you have made against the door itself. Also, you can check that the bifold door is the correct size, design and colour you have specified. Once you have checked all these things, you are ready to start.

Step 2 – Fixings

Along with your bifold door, you should have all the fixings required for your installation. Take them all out and ensure that you have all the correct fixings for your installation process. 

Firstly, mount the top track onto the ceiling in the gap where the bifold door needs to go. This should be a little way back from the front edge, and once you are happy with the placing, drill and screw the top track in place. 

Next, you will need to fix the pivot plates to the bifold door to ensure the door moves smoothly along the track. Fix the first plate on the top edge of the hanging side of the door. In the centre of the plate, the pivot lock needs to be fitted around 50mm from the edge. 

Once you have got the placing right, fix it into place. The bottom pivot plate should be positioned under the hanging side of the door. You do the same as above and fix the plate into place.

The jamb bracket should be at the bottom of the frame. Double check that the screw hole is 30mm away from the edge and fix that into place. 

Step 3 – Installation

Once all of your fixings are in place, you can install the bifold door where it should be. Make sure the bifold door is folded and lift the door into place. When lifting the door, make sure you have some help with you to ensure safety.

Position the open side of the door onto the track first, then place the hanging side of the door onto its receptor. Make sure to slide the tab to lock when the door is firmly in place. The bracket can be adjusted horizontally if required. 

The final step is to adjust the snubber; to do this, you need to open the doors and move the snubber closer if needed. The bifold doors should close well but also open easily by a pull on the handle. 

Step 4 – Finishing and Cleaning

After you have installed the bifold door, make sure you have cleaned up after yourself. Any markings or finish lines should be removed, and the finished product should be left in pristine condition. Make sure you also clean your surroundings; this includes any equipment or rubbish is not left behind. It is important to leave the property in the same way it was when you arrived.

bifold door installation guide

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