What Is A Composite Door?

what is a composite door

Composite doors are starting to become popular throughout the UK, but what is a composite door? 

A composite door is typically made up of multiple durable materials that are compressed together to create a robust and thermally insulated door. For instance, we work with Vista, which makes its composite doors with high-density foam core and uses glass-reinforced plastic skin (GRP) that keeps them weather-resistant. This is so your new composite door can remain robust and look fresh no matter the weather. 

At Novaseal, we provide a variety of composite door styles so you can choose which will suit best with your requirements. Along with our multiple customisable options, you can design an entirely bespoke composite door that can enhance your home significantly. Use our online door designer or quoting engine to get a free personalised quote today.


Composite Door Styles


Our composite doors come in a variety of styles, so you can find what will suit your home the best. No matter what style you choose from, our composite doors can help increase your home’s natural thermal efficiency, security and visual appeal. 




The Jacobean style is known for its slim inline glazing that is fitted in the composite door. This glazing allows light to beam into the room and light up the darkest corners. It’s perfect if you are looking for some privacy but still prefer to take a peek outside when necessary. 


The Regal


The Regal is an American-style door that has a wide glazed area fitted in the composite door. Allow the opportunity for the optimum amount of natural light into the home so you can rely less on your electric lights. Take a look out of your exterior views in the comfort of your home. 


Georgian Two


Create a stunning feature for the entrance of your home by choosing the Georgian Two composite door style. The Georgian Two is known for its glazed semi-circle look, which is split into two sections. This style is perfect to wow your neighbours walking by your home. 


Composite Doors Features


Composite doors are excellent at enhancing the appearance and functionality of your property. Due to their durable and thermal insulated materials, they can increase the natural performance of your home and bring many excellent benefits. Read below to find out more. 


Energy Saving


Composite doors are more likely to be more thermally efficient than other doors you see on the market. The warm core can prevent and regulate temperature efficiency, which allows it to have better ‘U’ values and meet building regulations. Therefore, you should notice that your home is wasting less heating than before, as these doors can help keep the warmth in the house for longer. During the summer, it will do the opposite by ensuring the temperature is regulated around the room. Feel nice and warm during the winter while staying cool during the summer with our composite doors. 




Your and your family’s safety is crucial to us, so that’s why our composite doors are made with the highest level of security in mind. Our doors are tested to ensure they meet required industry standards and are approved by Secured by Design. Secured By Design is a police initiative that shows how well a door or window protects a property. 

Our composite doors include security methods such as a five-point mechanism, an anti-snap cylinder, an impact-resistant GRP and more. All of these elements work together to keep your home secure from unwanted intruders. 


Customisable Options


Not only do composite doors enhance your home’s performance, but they can also enhance your home’s visual appeal as well. We offer a range of customisable options so you can design a door that will suit your home. Choose from our colours, glass, accessories and colour-foiled frames so you can create a door to match your home’s design. 


Composite Doors Prices 


Work with Novaseal to install a stunning composite door that will enhance your home. Get in touch with our team today to get a free bespoke quote. You can do so by using our online contact form, giving us a call at 01329 233500 or using our online quoting engine

Alternatively, feel free to use our online door designer to design every aspect of your new composite door. 

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